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Auto restoration is 1000ís of tedious tasks rolled up into hours of labor and is either a love it or hate it hobby. For Corbett's Auto's Owner (Ben) and me (Michael) we couldnít imagine doing anything else. It just seems natural. We love all aspects of auto restoration (even the knuckle scraping, head scratching, wee hour of the mourning work fests), and if you spent the time to read this paragraph I suspect you love it too.

This website is a great way for us to reach people and try to help others see what we see. This page will be dedicated to the many ideologies I have about my true passion, Cars. In other words itís a place for me to ramble endlessly as I tend to do, but if you read you may find youíll learn in the process. So sit back, grab a cup of coffee, ice tea, beer, or whatever helps relax and find out whatís on my mind.

We love to get feed back, so drop us a line.


As always I welcome all comments, good, bad, indifferent. My personal e-mail.

Stay tuned---More to come!

If you have an idea for an article let me know.

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How to Lower the Cost of Auto Restoration

Rough idea of costs involved in an "all NEW 1969 Camaro project"



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