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Who we Are

22 Years of Quality and Still Going

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Corbett’s Auto was opened in 1984. The main source of income at that time was mechanical repairs for the numerous used car lots in the area. Later we became the first NAPA AutoCARE center in Lincoln County. We evolved and branched out into insurance repairs and auto restoration. It soon became apparent that high volume work was not our cup of tea. Slower we shifted away from insurance work and new model mechanical repairs and we’ve never been happier. Auto Restoration is a very satisfying. There’s nothing more rewarding than starting with what seems to be a pile of junk and watching it transform into a rolling work of art.

Corbett’s Auto is not a BIG shop located in a high rent district. We are however large enough to handle complete restoration project with room to spare to work in small jobs while waiting on parts. Located in the rural area of western Lincoln County allows our overhead to stay low. This savings is directly passed on to you through our low hourly rates. A large shop with a fancy showroom and donuts in the waiting room is nice, and if you expect that out of a shop our feeling will not be hurt. 

The majority of our clients are looking to drive around in a beautiful classic car they can afford. This is not to say we are incapable of a concourse restoration, only that we specialize in working within the confines of a budget. And a concourse or national trophy winner is usually built under the “money’s no object” mentality. We encourage you to look around and ask questions. Surf the internet, then browse our site, read Michael Faucher’s articles, look at our past, current and future projects, if you think we are the shop for you then contact us. We’d love to hear from you and will do our best to answer any questions you have, or help ease your concerns about the unknown road ahead.

Last year we purchased a new facility located just down the road in Cherryville, NC. It has given us more room and allowed us to hire on more help. We have actually outgrown the new building, but we really like its location, so maybe we will just add on.

Ben Corbett

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As soon as I get him to tell me what he wants in here I'll write it. Until then if you want to know something send him an e-mail he'll answer your questions.

Michael Faucher

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I have always been into cars. My first car was a 1967 VW Beatle. I spent every weekend tinkering on it.

I have a degree in Auto-Body Repair and Electronic Engineering, I also have 6 years experience as a design engineer designing custom industrial machinery ranging from Wood grinders to Textile equipment.


My specialty lies in paint and bodywork. I love taking a rust bucket a transforming it into a beautiful head turner. I also use my industrial background and knowledge of metal and CAD (Computer Aided Design) to design custom add-ons and accessories.




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