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What to Expect from a Restoration Project

Corbettís Auto believes in 100% customer satisfaction. This is a two way street and cannot happen with out good communication. We think you should own the car of your dreams, but (regrettably) we are not mind readers. So to insure you drive away happy below are some guidelines, which we like to adhere to. Some are mandatory others can be bent slightly.

What we expect from you:

Before the first hour can be clocked on your project it is imperative that you have a clear idea of what you expect of the finished project and most importantly how much you plan to invest. The most frustrating thing we see is customers whose dreams exceed reality (budget). In most cases exceeding your budget (reality) can be avoided if we are informed. Many times we can find a way to build the car of your dreams on a budget you can handle.

Another thing that we need to know is how involved do you want to be in the restoration project. If you wish to take part in the majority of decisions you must maintain constant contact with us to insure that progress does not halt due to waiting on information from you. Alternatively, if you trust our judgment we need to know so that we may continue, using the plan set forth by you.

Finally, we are a business and have bills to pay. Our rates are low due to very low overhead. In order to stay competitive we need consistent cash flow. This is accomplished by invoicing the customer (you) on a regular basis (usually weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly). This of course is flexible, but must be agreed upon from the beginning and cannot be changed unless mutually discussed. This is nonnegotiable, if payment for services is not paid within a reasonable grace period all work will cease, the next project in line will be started and storage fees may apply. 

What to expect from us:

Quality, not quantity is what we strive for on a daily basis. We could make 3 times the profit patching up insurance work. But to do this we would have to increase the quantity of work x 3 and lower the level of quality by a 1/3. This is not who we are, we take pride in doing quality work at a fair price.

One of the most difficult obstacles we encounter is deciding when to stop. In a perfect world every restoration would be striped down to the last nut and bolt, every piece would be painted and polished, and then it would be meticulously reassembled. Well, for the average daily driver that will not happen due to the cost. Telling you when to stop is hard, but remember this: it is far better to drive your completed car to the show than to have one that went over-budget and cannot be finished. No use detailing the undercarriage so you can put mirrors under it at the show, if it steals money from the important things like a final paint job.

 Digital cameras are great. We can literally take 100ís of pictures for only the cost of batteries. Then save them to a disk (a CD hold around 500-700 pictures) and have a fully documented record of the restoration. We will take as many pictures as possible of all aspects of the restoration. This will give you something to look back on, or a great record should the unthinkable happen. At your request we will put them on a disk for you. If you need hard copies you simply go to the local drug store and they can make prints right off of the disk.

In closing

Restoring your vehicle requires a great deal of patients and comment from you as well as our staff. We are all human and in this business being over budget and behind schedule are the norm not the exception. Remember we are dealing with 1000ís of moving parts that are in excess of 30 years old. We will work with you through all stages and keep you informed of our progress or lack there of. In return we expect you to keep us informed of where you see the project going. Please look over our web site and follow the links on this page to fully understand what lies ahead and never be afraid to ask questions.


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