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Design Ideas

Sometimes figuring out what you want can be mind boggling. Hopefully this page can help. Over the next few months I'll fill it with great ides and pictures to get those creative juices flowing.


Charity car shows are always cool. This one was put on by Gear Head Charities and held in the parking lot of Carolina Harley. It was a beautiful day, there was great food and as always great design ideas....

Carolina Harley

Silver Leaf

This adds a nice touch

The grille too

Large engines are always a hit

Clean & Simple

Bare steel

Hidden flames

If you love flames but can not bring yourself to spray them on the outside...why not apply them where you can hide them....Sort of like a tatoo...


Here's a brief look at some highlights from the  Charlotte Auto Fair Spring 2005. We went on opening day to beat the crowds, so all the cars were not there. We were looking to talk to a few venders. Below are a few cars that caught our eye. Click on the images to enlarge them.

Rainy Day At the Car Show



1/2 Beetle - 1/2 Bus

This was really nicely done!



1/2 Old - 1/2 New

Great idea if your bed is rusted beyond repair.


Frenched Antenna



Can a hood scoop make any car cool?


Painted Graphics

Always a nice touch!


Eye Ball

If I say this was eye catching, will you forgive the PUN?


Big Rims

Works well on some cars.

Below are a few shots from inside the "Star Cars Museum" in Gatlinburg, TN.


The GTO from triple X

Beach Boys T-Bird

Signed Hood

Knight Rider

1969 Camaro SS/RS

Stay tuned for future events..........


Some cars just seem to stand out in a crowd while others blend into the background. For the scope of this section I will focus on two cars the Tri-Five Chevys and the 1st Gen Mustang. If you have done much reading on our site you know we spend a lot of time researching what's out there. Well, here's the result of our latest searching:


Tri-Five Chevy Convertible Conversion1957 Chevy Convertible


All required sheet metal is now available to transform any 1955, 1956 or 1957 Chevy body style into a convertible. Obviously the easiest conversion can be done to a 2dr hard top, but with a few more parts and time even a 4 Door Post can now be made a Convertible.

  • Mustang coupe to fastback

Imagine turning your 1965 , 1966, 1967, 1968 or 1969 Mustang coupe into a Fastback (sportsroof).  It is now possible. We can sell you a all of the sheetmetal required for the transformation. Don't have the welding skills? --- No problem we'll be happy to do the hard parts or go as far as a complete turn key car!


Complete fastback body shells are also available Click here for more details!

These conversions are not the only ones out there, they are just the ones we get asked about most often. As the saying goes "Anything is possible, given enough time and money." If you think one of these conversions are right for you contact us and we'll help you.


Corbett's Auto will be happy to help assist you in creating a style uniquely your own. We are here to answer questions, do the difficult tasks you are unable to do, or handle the project from beginning to end. Remember it's your car, build it to meet your needs, not someone else's.



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