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Morris Minor Custom




Morris Minor Custom red chop top full frame MGB engine


This is a complete custom build that is based on a frame built by Fatman Fabrication and features air bags all the way around. Power is from a slightly modified MGB engine backed by a 5 speed transmission and powers the wheels through a 8" rear end. The body has a 3" chop top and brought forward 6". This helps to give it an appearance that the rear is long and gives it the look of an American car. Adding to this the trunk lid was sectioned and is significantly smaller. The front end was welded together and flips forward in a unique manner that allows the front bumper to remained fixed (a law in Bermuda). All of the lights are Lucas and are frenched.


The owner wanted the satisfaction of final assembly so it was only partially assembled prior to shipping out.


To see more use the link below:



Chopping The Top

Going from 4 doors to 2

Adding the roof after the 3" chop

Going on a full frame....

Custom Fabrication

Custom Fabrication II

See the frame here




Final Assembly




Final assembly


Dash Assembly after paint.

Front end waiting for paint.


Small parts

Wiring and relays on firewall

A/C box

Bottom of hood in bedliner.

Inside of rear fenders in bedliner.

More parts on firewall.

Interior coming together

Flush fitting hood ornament.





Shorten drip rails

Flush door handles

Frenched tail lights

Semi-frenched headlights

Frenched/flush fit hood emblem

Defrost vents

Even gaps...







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